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Zona Paper Hobby Pack
Exactly 1/4 of a full pack and 1/4 the cost.

Each pack should last for several rings, especially if you keep them clean.
Your mileage may vary but I've used this quantity for more than 10 rings easily.

Each sheet of 3M Micro Graded Wet/Dry Polishing paper assortment is 4x5.5

Each grade is color coded for easy identification and is listed below from finest to coarsest.

Color = White - Grade = 1 Micron - Material =Aluminum Oxide
Color = Aqua - Grade = 2 Micron - Material = Aluminum Oxide
Color = Pink - Grade = 3 Micron - Material = Aluminum Oxide
Color = Light Blue - Grade = 9 Micron - Material = Aluminum Oxide
Color = Gray - Grade = 15 - Material = Silicon Carbide
Color = Green - Grade = 30 - Material = Silicon Carbide

Translated into Grit:

White - 22,000 grit
Aqua = 10,600 grit
Pink = 8,000 grit
Light Blue = 1,800 grit
Gray = 1,200 grit
Green = 600 grit

Additional Info:

Aluminum Oxide / Silicon Carbide 3M polishing papers with super flexible non-woven backings for polishing flat or curved softer surfaces: acrylic, polyurethane, solid surface composites, fiberglass, aluminum, precious metals and finished wood. Use with or without water. Work in sequence from coarsest to finest grade (1-30).

Comprised of micron graded aluminum oxide and silicone carbide particles slurry coated onto a non-woven synthetic backing, the superior flexibility of this product allows for fast and easy finishing and polishing on flat and contoured surfaces.

• Finish plastic, polyurethane, wood, and solid surface composites

• Removes scratches and restores transparency to acrylic and polycarbonate windows on buses, aircraft and trains

• Precision micron grading provides a uniform, consistent finish.

• Faster hand-sanding and buffing time.

• Reduces finishing steps.

• Use wet or dry.

• CD/DVD repair

• Metal and alloy finishing

• Finish jewelry and precious metals

• Color-coded micron grading for easy selection.