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(each bottle comes with 2 micro applicator tips)

***Important Information***

GluDry Accelerator only ships to the contiguous US via Ground Transportation. No international shipping.
Purchasing this product along with other items will result in all items being mailed via Ground Transportation.
This will cause a longer wait time. You can purchase items separately to get around this.

Product Use:
Gluboost products are designed to be slow curing.
It is very highly recommended that you utilize GluDry Accelerator in conjunction
with the products to ensure that they are fully cured.

*Not doing so can result in a failed bond down the line if some of the CA is not fully cured.

--- Product Info --- From manufacturers website

Fill n’ Finish is the best wood grain filler, from the Original GluBoost – Guaranteed Fresh. As a flexible clear wood grain filler, Fill n’ Finish is perfect for pore filling and repair that is both fast and easy to use.

Totally Unique – Finally, a flexible, water clear wood finish, pore filler, and repair product that’s both fast and easy to use! Super long open time with zero to minimal witness lines. All Fill n’ Finish formulas are truly game changers and are ideal for all your wood finishing, builds, repairs, top coating, inlay work, marquetry, and wood turning.

Use fewer coats and get superior results with these innovative self-leveling formulas! Always faithfully fills pores and gaps and vanquishes cracks, dings and dents!

Use along with Fill n’ Finish Thin for superior drop fill and finish work. Reliably fills pores on hardwoods! Can be used as a complete wood finish. Compatible with any type of wood finish! Consistently Fresh

• Use Fewer Coats And Get Superior Results
• Dries water clear and flexible – never creeps
• Super Long open Time!
• Safe for use on all finishes, Nitro, Lacquer, Poly, urethane, and even water-based finishes
• You can shoot lacquer right over Fill n’ Finish with completely invisible results!
• 100% pure product so you get superior and stronger results along with a safer workplace
• Super Fresh – longest shelf life available anywhere
• Far less irritating
• Pen in tip cap to prevent clogging
• Use with GluBoost Accelerator for super-fast finish and repair work!

Fill n’ Finish Products are very slow drying products! GluDry must be used along with ALL Fill n’ Finish products!


MasterGlu Thin is a clear glue for wood, from the Original GluBoost – Guaranteed Fresh. MasterGlu Thin is perfect for guitar finish repair or any other project where a great looking, super strong, ultra clear, CA wood glue adhesive is required.

Super Strong, Super Fresh, and Ultra Clear! MasterGlu adhesives make your builds and repairs unbeatable every single time! Guaranteed Fresh!

MasterGlu Thin, is absolutely the best specially formulated thin CA adhesive around. While using less product and cutting your work time by hours, MasterGlu Thin both wicks and wets, so more product remains on the surface, making MasterGlu Thin your ideal “go to” general purpose adhesive.

MasterGlu Thin – as a 100% high purity specialty CA – is absolutely the clearest, strongest, safest, and easiest to use, all-purpose thin adhesive ever!

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