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Our Sifting Tower is an affordable way to grade your crushed stones or other items.  With various mesh screens in our interlocking Tower Sifter all you have to do use pour your crushed stones into the top and let gravity do the rest.  

4, 6, or 9 pieces per set that interlock into a single unit.

4 piece = Micro Sifting Tower (3 screens) - approx. 2 inches tall
6 Piece = Tower with Screens 1-5 (5 screens) - approx. 3 inches tall
9 piece =Tower with All Screens (8 screens) - approx. 4.5 inches tall

Outside diameter of the unit is 3.5 inches

-Sift your crushed stones by pouring them over the top and shaking the unit side to side.
-Each layer will filter smaller particles until the smallest reach the base.
-The screens are replaceable if they ever break.
-The tower segments are interlocking, place them together and rotate slowly clockwise.

-Do Not Overtighten!

-Sizes are as follows:
(Mesh = # of holes per square inch on average)
(MM measurement is the average size of pieces that cannot pass through and it may vary slightly)
Smaller items pass through while larger items are left behind.
#1 = 50 Mesh = 2.5mm
#2 = 75 Mesh = 1.9mm
#3 = 100 Mesh = 1.5mm
#4 = 130 Mesh = 1.25mm
#5 = 170 Mesh = 1.0mm
#6 = 250 Mesh = .85mm
#7 = 360 Mesh = .60mm
#8 = 480 Mesh = .40mm
-Anything smaller than 0.40mm is passed through as the last grade.
-Use a thin tool to remove items stuck in the screens.