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Bentwood Ring Sizing Forms
     - Use these forms to accurately size your bentwood rings.  Wrap your pre-coiled bentwood ring blanks around these forms after they are dry.  Tighten and secure with tape.  You can then glue up your blank with thin CA from the edges.  The Inner Diameter should be very close to the Outer Diameter of the Form. 

Bentwood Ring Coiling Tool

     - Use this new tool to coil your own bentwood ring blanks!  Once you've prepped your veneer strip by tapering the end and soaking/boiling in hot water to make it pliable, you can place the tapered end into the cavity on the tool and coil it around.  This tool makes your first coil-over much easier to perform and allows you to maintain constant pressure with both hands while coiling your bentwood ring blanks. 

Bentwood Ring Blank Fastener - Pack of 5

     - Use these hook and loop fasteners to secure your bentwood ring blanks after coiling them.  They are reusable and easier to remove than tape.  Do not use for glue-ups.