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Used by Hundreds of Ring Makers all over the world.

This is an alternative to using a jaw chuck to hold the outside of your rings for interior shaping and polishing. These handy jigs safely hold your ring without damaging it or you.

The 3 sizes in the kit will hold most size rings from 4-14 depending on the outside diameter of the ring.
Just insert into a Jacobs chuck or handheld drill.

If they aren't spinning true once you chuck them up just make small adjustments until they are spinning properly. You'll find that they don't have to be perfect because when you apply sanding pressure from the inside you'll get consistent contact the entire time. This is due to their flexibility (they are rubber)
Work one side, remove your ring, flip it around, reinstall into the jig, and work the other side.
Repeat until you're happy!

Wet sanding works just as well and helps reduce heat.

Customers have used these for: Wood rings Bentwood rings Metal rings Metal cores Antler rings, and Resin rings

I test each jig to ensure it’s working properly.

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