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Celluloid Strips for Ring Cores or Sleeves *3 inches long - 10mm wide Sufficient length for rings up to approximately size 14. If you need larger sizes please contact me before purchasing. I cut these lengths to maximize usable material but will be happy to assist if you need larger cuts. Includes instructions on how to make the cores. (Upon request) The width I provide offers approximately 1/2 size of up-sizing. You may want to account for that when you size initially. Use for bentwood rings, paper rings, etc. Suggested add-on for my bentwood Ring blanks. —about celluloid— Celluloid is a common material used by Luthiers in guitar building. It’s also used for pick guards, and guitar picks. It was originally created as a feaux Ivory. Due to the nature of Ivory and how it yellows over time, celluloid was created with the intention for it to yellow as well. The white celluloids that I use are the most prone to this and it often happens during the making process. Other colors don not tend to yellow. I attempt to avoid an excessive amount of this but its very difficult to avoid entirely. I’ve observed that once it does this during the making process, it doesn’t tend to yellow more. Since this is a feature of the material, I cannot guarantee a pristine white or that any other color will not present some yellowing over time. (It’s mostly with the white)