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Finding your customers exact ring size can be hard, especially when you have to consider the width of the ring as well as the size and fit.

Surefit neatly addresses those issues by having ring sizers in various widths so your clients can wear exactly the same size/width as they are purchasing. 


- Our ring sizers have a Comfort Fit Profile. Most places you or your clients can go to get sized for a ring will only have Standard Fit Profile ring sizers.  The difference in feel and fit when comparing Comfort Fit vs Standard Fit can be dramatic for some people. 

- Our various options of width can give you peace of mind since different width rings can fit differently.
Size yourself or your clients with the width of ring that is being purchased.

All different widths of rings can fit differently, so sizing yourself or client with the same width that is being purchased can be critical for ensuring that the first ring you get is the only ring you get. No more remakes and less chance for user error.

- We take our quality control seriously.
We measure constantly so that we can reduce the number of pieces that are out of spec and keep them as accurate as possible.
We test each batch made and require that each ring sizer be within at least 0.1mm accurate.
Most of them are within 0.05mm (that's 1/16th of a ring size)

- There's tons of different equipment out there designed to measure rings and size your clients.  But not all equipment is equal.
When using our ring sizers to size a client, you can make your ring to match where the ring sizer sits on any ring mandrel.

This addresses any potential issues based on differences in equipment.

Our Ring Sizers are 3D printed, so you'll want to be aware of a few limitations regarding the material used.

-Yes they are plastic.
-You'll want to make sure to not leave them in a car in the middle of a hot summer day. They can deform when subjected to temperatures near or above 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Fahrenheit)
-When measuring them (if you're curious about their accuracy) Don't apply much pressure to your calipers - You can get a false reading this way, the sizers (since they are plastic) can expand a little bit.  Seat your calipers in the center, expand them and then let off the pressure.  This should be your measurement.