6mm width / Comfort Fit

Bulk option for ring makers that want to enhance their client experience by providing and mailing ring sizers to their clients.  

Tiered Discounts:

Volume PPU
0-99  $          0.75
100-499  $          0.70
500-999  $          0.65
1000-4999  $          0.60
5000-9999  $          0.55
10000+  $          0.50

Our ring sizers help to alleviate typical issues that arise when trying to determine the ring size of a remote client.  
Just send your customer a few sizers ranging around their estimated size. <You may need to have your client estimate their size so you can determine which sizers to send>
(We can ship directly to your client or you can purchase larger quantities here.)

They’ll pick the one that fits best. Then you can make their ring knowing exactly what size is going to work the First Time.

No more asking your potential buyer to go get sized professionally.
No more remaking rings that were the wrong size upon delivery.  

If you have to remake rings regularly, you have the potential to save a lot of $ by sizing them yourself.  

*Every set is tested for accuracy before shipping in order to maintain the highest of standards.