This is our ring blank engraving option for Fingerprints.

Please do not purchase this without having sent a file in and discussed your engraving needs.  We will attempt to reach out if you do not and if we cannot reach you we will cancel your order. 


Have your ring blanks engraved with your customers provided handwritten notes, etc.



  • The fingerprint should be in black ink.
  • Do several imprints and choose the one with the most solid lines, breaks in lines and light areas in the imprint can result in less than optimal files for engraving.
  • Use clean white copy paper with no lines.
  • Scan or take a high quality picture of the fingerprint. 
  • Email the image to
  • We will choose a cross-section of the image and engrave it across the majority of the inside of the ring.  We will use our best judgment and choose areas that are more likely to engrave well. 



The following ring blank materials are engravable:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Black Ceramic
  • Tungsten
Stainless Steel and Titanium Rings will be polished by us to a mirror finish before engraving. 
Ceramic and Tungsten Ring Blanks will not need the additional polish. 

Our engraving depth is tuned to be light just barely able to be felt with your finger.

If you desire a deeper engraving on Stainless Steel or Titanium please let us know in your order notes or message us directly with the website chat feature. 

Font Size is addressed on an as needed basis. 
If you need something specific please reach out. 
Otherwise we will use our best judgment based on your text and font choice.  Usually our font size will be less than half the width of the ring blank and centered directly in the middle of the ring blank.