Flower Girl Ring Blanks

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Real Flowers, Wood, and Pinecone blanks for unique one-of-a-kind Rings!

Cast with Alumilite Clear


Recommended Ring Making Process from the creator herself

-core out the middle to the size you need for the ring core to fit
-use denatured alcohol to clean inside of cored out blank
-take a q-tip and put a drop of thin ca and swab it inside the cored blank to make it crystal clear
-use 2 thin layers of white paint(or whatever color you prefer) on the inside
-mix in a teeny bit of white mica powder to some thick ca or epoxy and glue in the ring core of your choice
-if using epoxy its recommended to wait several hours so it can cure
-when turning, I suggest sharp carbide tools at around 4000 rpm
-keep the ring a smidge more proud than normal to keep the maximum amount of flowers so it doesn’t look bare
-fill in voids with ca as you go
- must do a ca finish to keep moisture from being absorbed by the flowers. It will have a negative effect on the integrity of the finished product if a sealant isn’t applied
-you can use any sealant of your choice